Captain Teddy 2D+3D fusion

Fusion of a 3D render and digital paint to create a portrait like look for a 3d model

Weapon Model

Low Poly first person chainsaw model for FPS game

Weapon Model In Game

low poly chainsaw shown in game

Promo art for Capt Teddy DVD

3D render Still for promo dvd art

Low Poly Props

Drink machines clean, dirty, multiple colors and interactive. low poly

First Person Weapon model

Improvized Flamethrower, FPS game

Low Poly Character

Zombie, low poly count for a game.

FPS Weapon model

imple low poly sniper rifle for a game

Character Model

3D first person/3rd person character model

low poly prop

very low poly newspaper machine prop

Digital art - Promo cover art

digital art - hand drawn + photos promo art for book cover

Low poly prop

Just a drink can... custom texture art tho!

Character concept designs

Berzerker Zombie concept art and design

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Berzerker Low Poly Character

Low Poly Berzerker zombie

Mudbox Berzerker

High Def berzerker texturing work

Low Poly FPS chacter

one of my older pieces, still like it because face was based on a friends photo